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Hi Frank, just wanted to say "thank you" for your help and kindness. I really do appreciate it.
Be seeing you soon!

Thanks again,
Brad Mayes

Dear Frank, Thank you for saving me hundreds of dollars on my transmission work.
Your honesty and integrity are outstanding.

Best Wishes,
Donald G. Cuthamel

This fax is in response to the excellent service I received yesterday. In my previous position as a service manager, I was responsible for a fleet of 10 vehicles. Being in service myself has also given me an appreciation for those who do it well. I also appreciated the fact that you stayed a bit later than normal to allow me to pick up a vehicle that was very important to me, and that Frank took the time to explain exactly what was done and what to expect. If there is anything I can do for you (including web design), just let me know.

Thanks again,
William Benney (The Chrysler Conquest guy)
Dear Frank,
I would like to express my sincere appreciation for all the work you did on our car and for the personal assistance with determining the cause of the transmission problem throughout the repair.
From my first contact with Atomic Motors, your establishment has been very friendly, informative and cooperative. I felt like I received the VIP treatment throughout, and it meant a great deal. You were willing to work with me to keep the car for an extended period until we determined whether or not to have the repair work done. Inviting me to come and see the interior of the transmission and inspect it was very much appreciated.
Your shop is quite large and it is easy to see why you are so successful. With the reputation of the auto repair industry as it is, we are very please to have found a friendly, trustworthy and knowledgeable repair shop. To top it all off, our prices are very reasonable. Our Subaru runs more quietly now than it has in a long time. You took the time to inspect the car thoroughly and we appreciated the opportunity to have the wheel bearing and front axle repaired at the same time.
You can be assured that we will recommend you highly to anyone who needs transmission or drive train work, and if the need arises, we will be back.

With sincere thanks,
Hal Endresen
Dear Frank,
I do not have enough words to thank you for all your help when I needed it.
First, you fixed the transmission on my 85 Buick and the job was excellent. Three months later I stopped by your office and you helped me more than a family member.
You took my car to your friend and paid for the job. Not only that, you have been waiting for your money.
Believe me Frank, there are not so many people like you especially when you are a complete stranger. That day you were like my guardian angel.
Thanks again Frank, I hope your honesty and morality will brings you a lot of business.
You deserve the best, God bless you and your family and all the people working for you.

Myriam Vargas- Alvarez

Hi Frank,
I was recommended to you by Larry's 66 (Wayne Wegerzyn), about 6:50 am. I arrived in your office, telling John at the desk that I had just come from Larry's 66. Frank, you were standing there and heard what I had said. Being that I had been at Pollack's and had their statement of my problem; you reached for Pollack's statement.
Immediately, you asked me if I had about 20 minutes and that you would put my car on the rack to check for the leaks. Well, you then said, "I'll have the bolts tightened; because I've seen it a hundreds times that this was a reason for the leakage."
Excuse the interruption here; Frank, but I was listening of two incidences of your absolute politeness with these customers. Your mechanic giving a test-drive, returning with the problem. The explanation that you gave them was quick, accurate and to their satisfaction.
As for me; Jason, your mechanic, returned from completing his job of tightening the bolts, said "your all set, I tightened the bolts. Keep an eye on it. If you have another leak, come back."
Frank you know your trade. Honest, quick and accurate. No wonder you were recommended by another honest mechanic; Wayne Wegerzyn of Larry's 66.

Nick J. Romeo

Dear Frank,
I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I really appreciated the extra distance you went to repair my GTX. I ordered the Torque Converter that caused the bolt dilemma. Then brought the wrong gaskets to repair the exhaust leak that you offered to fix. That I am sure was just a coincidence to the replacement of my transmission. You not only took the bull by the horns to repair these things; you did it with a smile and a professional attitude. The car seems to be in tip top shape thanks to you and you crew. I know a lot of people with show cars and daily drivers and if they ever need transmission work I will definitely send them your way.

Thanks again!
Dale Bunting