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Automatic Transmission:

Is your vehicle experiencing trouble accelerating, gear slipping or the inability to shift gears? That could be a sign of a failing transmission. Atomic Transmission received its name from being the transmission experts for the Chicagoland area.

We know that the realization of a failing transmission can be daunting, due to the time and cost. They key is to make sure the problem is diagnosed properly, sometimes the answer to the problem is something far less difficult. There are many repairs that don't require a whole new transmission. Some problems feel like transmission issues, but do not require a new transmission. Some of these include:

RPM Sensor
Air Sensor
Bad Fuel Filter
Speed Sensor
Computer Signal
MLPS Switch

The key is to properly diagnose the problem before putting your money into a new transmission. At Atomic Transmission we promise to service your vehicle in the most timely manor possible and at a cost you can afford. We offer transmission help such as:

Rebuilt Transmissions
Remanufactured Transmissions
Leak Repair
There is no cost for a road test drive & quote!

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